Good news Packer fans! The green and gold dominated the first week of the “Battle of the Border”!

For this week, at least, the Packer flag will fly at McMiller Sports Center. Don’t try and cheese through these next few weeks though Wisconsin, if Illinois “bears down” it could be a Bears flag next week!

Defenders of the Packer’s honor this week were as follows:

25- Wilbur Moore (79)
50- Grant Gallinger (100/perfect score)
100- Jim Kostich (100/perfect score)
Clays- Brian Balenque (48)
5 Stand- John Hanold (46)

The “Battle of the Border” will continue through September 29th. If you have questions about the Border Competition, give us a call or better yet, stop on by the range Wednesday through Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.