Attention McMiller Marksmen and Markswomen! We have two announcements which should get your attention if this post already hasn’t!!!

1) Starting WEDNESDAY May 2nd, McMiller Sports Center will be open Wednesdays through Sundays from 9AM-5PM. That’s right; your favorite gun range will now be open 5 days a week! In addition to adding Wednesdays, we will also be offering our buy one/get one half off deal on Wednesdays only, just to sweeten the deal!

2) Starting THURSDAY May 3rd, McMiller’s SPORTING CLAYS COURSE will be open for extended hours ONLY ON THURSDAYS. We will be keeping our clays course open until dusk and will allow for squads to go out until 7:00 PM. We are doing this in hopes of growing our already successful Sporting Clays leagues and paving the way for more opportunities to participate in our upcoming SUMMER league starting in June!

With more days, more daylight, and more opportunities to sling lead downrange, we’re ready for some beautiful weather and for YOUR beautiful faces here at McMiller Sports Center!!!