After considerable effort soldiering on through the frigid winter months the top three shooters for the 2018 competition were (drum roll please):
First Place: Steven Sonnentag, 179, ’45 M1 Garand
Second Place: Bill Zimmerman, 172, ’07 Swedish M96
Third Place: Cameron Bakke, 165, ’38 Moisin Nagant 91/30

I hope everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competition; I know I certainly enjoyed talking shop and history with the bunch of you! We got to see some awesome and rare mil-surp firearms to include a 1910 Ross and an unmodified Moisin Cossack rifle, neither of which I have every personally handled. We had 16 total qualifiers and 9 of you actually were able to make the Saturday the 7th final competition. I was saddened that several high qualifiers were unable to attend due to work conflicts, so Charles, Will, Ryan et al, we will make the next event a bit easier to attend and complete!

Speaking of the NEXT Iron 50 Competition, we will be doing something a little different. In a nutshell, we will be starting in early June and will be doing an eight week competition over a span of twelve weeks CUMULATIVELY, thus giving the competitors four extra weeks to complete eight scores. This eight week course will qualify the top ten finishers for a final one day championship to be shot around week thirteen…details to follow. Please check back to this website for further updates and information regarding sign-up and rules!